We are very passionate about poultry here at Pimlotts. For many years we have bred and exhibited our birds at the highest level, both locally and nationally, taking many best of breeds, soft feather bronze awards and best in shows.

We concentrate on three pure breeds in particular Croad Langshan, Australorp & Faverolles, we have all three breeds in Bantam and large fowl.

The Croad Langshan is one breed of particular importance as this breed is listed on the Rare Breed Survival Trusts watch list as numbers  of the Croad Langshan are in decline.

The Croad Langshan lays a pinkinsh plum egg, something unique to the breed.

The Croad Langshan is probably our most sucessful breed to date. One of our white males took best of breed and best bantam at all three of the major poultry shows here in the UK, The Poultry club of GB National Show, The Federation of Poultry Clubs Show & the Scottish National. He was also club show champion at the National Show with one of the biggest entries in the Croad Langshans club history.

We now mainly keep our Croads for pleasure and have a flock of around 200 birds at present in all three colours, black blue & white. 

As well as exhibiting we both judge, and we have both had the honor of judging at the National & Federation show on more than one occasion as well as judging at numerous shows up and down the country.

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Above & Below: Our most sucessful bird, a stunning Croad Langshan Bantam male, he oozes type and is a good example of the breed. He was best bantam  & best of breed on more than one occasion at the three major UK shows. 

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        Above: William & Karen juding at the PCGB National Show

Over the years we have been contributors to many main stream magazines, writing lots of articles about keeping, breeding and showing poultry, it is always a delight to pick up a magazine in Tesco and see your article in there.

We have also been involved in television and radio. We did an episode of ITV's Grubs Up with TV chef Simon Rimmer - he cooked bread & butter pudding using our eggs.

Our birds were also featured in a program on BBC4 'Blooming Botany'  were they where used to demonstrate genetics. I was also invited to Radio Lancashire to do a poultry phone in with Ted Robbins which was amazing fun.

Pictures of our birds have also appeared in many poultry books...so next time you pick up a chicken book and see a Faverolles, Croad Langshan or Australorp,  it may just be one of ours!

BUT what we are really passionate about is introducing new people to 'the fancy' - the hobby of poultry keeping.  People don't realise how wondeful chickens are not only are they relatively easy to keep, they are entertaining friendly little characters that also lay you breakfast! What more would you want?

What we hear time and time again from people who have had birds for the first time is 

'I dont know what we did without them'.

You cant beat your own freshly laid eggs in the morning for breakfast

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 Sean Wilson, aka as Martin Platt with one of our Blue Croad Langshan Bantams at Cheshire County Show